Maintenance-free amplifying point (NUP)

Model: Container type NUP

Maintenance-free regeneration and amplification points of transmission lines are intended for placement of equipment of transmission systems (regenerators, amplifiers, switching and radio transmitting equipment), power supply equipment, input and end sealing of communication cables, power supply cables and cable end devices.

The NUP is made in the form of an underground thermal container, which is a metal vartical cylinder and a "thermal container Head" attached to it, which is a house wuth a metal frame and thermal insulation.

The entrance to the NUP is carried out from above through the neck of the thermal container, which is closed by hatch with a thermal insulation cover.

The headrest is used for placing the life support system of the equipment, has lighting, primary fire extinquishing means, and also provides protection of the entrance hatch. Power supply and connection cables are supplied via cableentries.

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